Questions and Answers on SAP Training


SAP Training - Frquently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we have about our training and training courses. if you can't find the answers you are looking for, please drop us an email by clicking here






What if the scheduled training dates available don’t suit me?

Whilst we have a schedule of training for public courses, we are able to provided additional courses if there is general demand. You can let us know by clicking here.


Can I modify the training course to suit my company needs?

We do offer a service where we use the standard training course as a baseline to create a client specific course. This saves significant time, effort and cost to you. Click here for more details.


Can I request a private class?

Yes, if you or your company can provided the minimum number of people for a class, we can run a private session with only your nominees.


Is there pre-requisite training required to attend classroom based training?

Most of our courses require some pre-requisite training or prior SAP HR experience. Our e-learning introduction course will allows you to attend our '200-series' classroom based course e.g. HCM220.  You can find the specific details on the course catalogue.


Are there exams in the training?

Our training is based on adult training techniques - we have 'learning exercises' that attendees work through as part of the learning to ensure full understanding of a concept. We don’t have a 'Pass' or 'Fail' approach to our training.


Does the training include system configuration?

No, our training is geared for end-users of SAP HR and Payroll, which does not cover any technical aspects of the system or system configuration.


Where is the training held?

We have venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth which we make use of. Some of the venues are our own facilities, while others are hired for the course. The details are provided during the booking process.


Are your courses provided in eLearning format?

Our introductory training course is currently our only eLearning course available. The course is designed in Flash, meaning that you will need to run it from a PC - Flash products do not work on Apple devices or machines. Our e-learning course contains real-life simulations and has audio and text overlays to assist you in your learning. We are in the process of developing additional courses in eLearning format.


Do I train on a real SAP system or is it simulation training?

It’s real! - One of the reasons our training is so successful is that we run the courses using the latest ECC6 system. Each attendee has a separate log-on to our system for the duration of the course.


What SAP release is the training based on?

Our classroom based courses are run on an ECC 6.0 system.


How many people are in a class?

Our philosophy for SAP HR classroom training is unique - we purposely try and keep our class size between 3-8 attendees so that the learner experience is focussed and personal. We can accommodate up to 12 people if required.


How many trainers are in the classroom?

Depending on the content being covered, there may be more than one trainer that facilitates the training. For larger groups up to 12 attendees, we typically have 2 trainers in attendance.


How does your training compare to others?

Presence of IT is a focused and specialised HR and HR technology company. Our training is developed by people who work with SAP HCM every day. We are able to bring our practical and best practice experience gained from implementing SAP HCM in many major organisations, rather than a theoretical approach. Our training is hands-on, using the latest ECC 6.0 solution.


How long is the training?

Our courses range from 1/2 day sessions for reporting, up to 4 days for a full SAP Payroll course. The details of each course can be found in the course overview page. Sometimes we run session back-to-back to minimize the impact on being away from the office.


Do I get a certificate at the end?

Presence of IT provides you a 'Certificate of Attendance' at the end of each course. The certificate will indicate the date of attendance, the course name and length of the training. The name that you provide during the online booking process will be used on the certificate.


Do I get a training manual?

Yes, all our classroom training attendees receive a full training manual that is used during the course. The training manual is yours to keep and refer to in years to come.


Do you provide food and refreshments at your classroom training?

Yes, we make sure you don’t go hungry or thirsty. Attendees to our classroom training receive morning and afternoon tea as well as lunch. If you have any particular dietary restrictions, you should notify us during the online booking process.


Do you only hold Australian Payroll courses?

Currently we only provide Payroll training for Australia.


Do you offer discounts on your pricing?

We may offer bulk discounts to companies who send 3 or more people to a course. For private courses, we are able to negotiate suitable bulk discounting.


What happens if I cancel?

If you cannot attend the course, you can either pass on your attendance to a colleague, or 'bank' your attendance for another course. You do need to notify us of any change 2 weeks prior to the course start date; else you will forfeit your payment.


Can I bulk book on your online registration system?

Yes you can - Once you have registered yourself, you can add on other attendees under your registration. Payment for all the attendees booked in bulk will be for the person doing the registration.


Are there any hidden fees?

No other fees are payable, the price you see includes everything – food, refreshments and training materials. Our fees are show excluding GST.


Can you offer me a job after the training?

Our training is geared mainly for people who are already employed in HR or Payroll roles. We don’t provide any recruitment or referral assistance, but as Presence of IT is regarded as a leader in our field, your certificate of attendance will give any future employer a sense of comfort around your SAP HCM skills.