Customised Payroll & HR Training



With 11 years of practical experience in implementing Australian SAP and Oracle HR and Payroll systems, Presence of IT thoroughly understands your needs as an Australian SAP or Oracle HCM user. As HR and Payroll specialists, we recognize that HCM teams are commonly small and that developing a full-blown SAP or Oracle Hr or Payroll training course for your team may not be financially viable. Until now your alternatives have been less than ideal - generic, vendor-led courses or impromptu one-on-one training sessions with a functional consultant.

At Presence of IT, we understand the value of expert training methods and professional courseware focused on the unique Australian payroll requirements. So, in conjunction with our Human Capital Services specialist training resources, we developed a cost effective, process-centric, and “time-flexible” training solution aimed at small groups of new or experienced SAP or Oracle HR and Payroll users.


Next Steps

If you would like to build client specific training, take a look at our attached brochure and see how we can leverage our standard materials to save you between 20 & 30% on training costs. Your are also welcome to contact us for a discussion on solutions for your specific needs.

Public Training Courses

We also run public training courses in SAP HR and Payroll. If you are looking to attend a public course, click here for our training schedule