Business Transition and Change

Return on investment of a solution is ultimately determined by the speed of adoption and proficient utilization by people. This typically requires process and behavioural change, and needs to be managed and measured in a holistic, systematic way.

With our broad based experience in complex initiatives, and proven toolkit based on Prosi’s ADKAR methodology, our consultants work closely with you to identify people impacts and create sustainable transition plans and innovative communications that focus on building engagement, minimizing risk and enable business ownership of the solution.

Our services:

  • Organisational Change Management strategy, planning and review
  • Engagement & communications delivery
  • Transition Management and behavioural alignment
  • Benefits Realisation planning and review
  • Continuous Improvement & optimisation design

The trend towards ‘template’ solutions delivered over shorter timeframes increases the need for business involvement up-front, with more emphasis on process change. Our ‘agile’ experience and accelerator tools help focus on what’s critical for implementation success, as well as recognizing the importance of pre-planning, leadership alignment and post-implementation embedding activities.