CLOSED: WEBINAR: PeopleSoft Interactive EOY Reconciliation Tool

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 WEB CONFERENCE: Interactive End of Year Reconciliation Tool

  Do you cringe at the thought of reconciling End of Year?

At this time of the year there’s so much to do – apply your PeopleSoft patches, test, verify your employee data, print your PAYE payment summaries and more - it can all get overwhelming!

What do you do with all the variances? Of course we are assuming they have been identified prior to you sending the summaries out to your employees, but we all know this is not always the case!

Presence of IT, have created an End of Year Reconciliation Tool that will remove most, if not all of the hard work involved in reconciliation.

  • An interactive tool that will drill down to the employee / calendar id for variances
  • Mouse over the variance to show potential cause – embedded Help
  • Display missing EOY categories for elements

This specialised Tool is fast and easy to use. The tool-assisted EOY reconciliation can be run ‘on demand’ and multiple times throughout the year.

It eliminates many of the additional manual processes involved in reconciliation as well as the current need to run and amalgamate multiple reports which generally leave you to guess what the variances are!


Presence of IT are demonstrating the features and benefits this Tool can make to your organisation at the following time:

Dates and Location:

Date:  Tuesday, 1st May 2012 

Time: 11AM EST for 1 hour

Location: Via web conference


RSVP:  Please click here to indicate if you would like to join us. Web conference details will be supplied with your acceptance.

If you have any further questions, please contact Donna Smith on 0423 606 547