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Oracle E-Business Payroll Calendar


Presence of IT is pleased to release our 2011/2012 Australian Payroll calendar for Oracle E-Business Suite. A full year calendar with Oracle shortcuts and handy information. Download a self-print version or order a complimentary professionally printed copy in A3 or A4 formats which will be posted directly to you within 3 working days ...more 


Change & Training Solution for Workforce Planning




Presence of IT has built a number of highly focused Change Management and Training solutions to support Workforce Management (WFM) Projects. ...more 


2011 Alliance Down Under Conference
A reminder that the Australian New Zealand Higher Education Users Group (HEUG) is hosting the 2011 Alliance Down Under Conference. The Conference will be held at the Gold Coast commencing Wednesday November 30 through to Friday 2 December. The program caters for the interests of all aspects of the use of PeopleSoft and Oracle SUN technologies in the Higher Education industry and is supported by key vendors. In addition to the main conference program, there will be an Executive Forum, Academic Registrars' Forum and a SUN Executive Forum to be held during the course of the conference. This is an ideal opportunity to network with colleagues from other institutions from around Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Click here for more info...



Presence of IT E-Business Payroll Verification Tool - Patch Released


A new patch was released in July 2011 for the Presence of IT E-Business Payroll Verification Tool. A number of issues have been addressed and resolved in this new release XxpoitPayVerificationToolApplTier_Rel1.3_P005.

  • Incorrect Assignment count on Patch/Upgrade
  • Fix error on the 'patch/upgrade variance' report.
  • Fix error on the 'patch/upgrade variance' report parameters screen.
  • The patch/upgrade extract screen gives an internal server error for a payroll of 3000+ employees.
Full release notes, installation guide and the patch installation file are available to our customers from the Presence of IT LiveTime Knowledge Base.
Presence of IT HR Assistant - Patch Release


A new patch was released in August 2011 for the Presence of IT HR Assistant. A number of incidents have been addressed and resolved in this new release XxpoitPerHRAssistantApplTier_Patch_100420_100421.
The resolved incidents include:

  • HR Assistant does not allow you to search by Contingent Worker or Applicant Number
  • Can see ex-employees on responsibility with security profile
Full release notes, installation guide and the patch installation file are available to our customers from the Presence of IT LiveTime Knowledge Base. 

Presence of IT - New Peoplesoft calendar on the way


A new Presence of IT PeopleSoft HCM themed calendar for 2011/2012 is currently being developed and should be available in the next few weeks. It will contain key patch release dates, essential contacts, an End of Year checklist and a list of hotkeys. 


Daily newspaper on Twitter


Presence of IT generate a Daily Newspaper of interesting articles related to our business. It derives its content from our Twitter account on our website. It has some interesting material and you can link to it via our twitter account on the website or directly through The Presence of IT Daily. 
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Welcome to the Presence of IT support newsletter. This newsletter is a way for Presence of IT to keep our support clients networked with their peers and our support staff. Our aim is to keep our support clients up to date with the latest support news and processes, as well as information about upcoming system patches and legislative fixes. 

If there is anything you would like to see included or items that you would like us to address, please email 

In this issue:

New Oracle E-Business HRMS Patch And Release Information 

The following patches have been released:

Australia Cumulative Release AU.16

  • 11i - Patch 12828930
  • 12.0 - Patch 12877497:R12.PER.A
  • 12.1 - Patch 12877497:R12.PER.B

Some of the new features and fixes included in this release are:

  • Salary in lieu payments on termination now super-able
  • Proportioning of Flood Levy on Termination payments
  • Retro-pay processing error with Spread Deduction formula (Bug 10072585)
  • ETP Tax incorrect with preservation age for certain conditions (Bug 12806868)
  • Payment Summary Report not picking up assignments having a custom EIT attached (Bug 12744254)
  • Incorrect Tax Calculation for previous financial year less than 12 months with wrong number of periods (Bug 12753997)
  • Fix for extra line appearing for Leave Taken in SOE (Bug 12721091)
  • Tax Declaration Form does not display the Tax Variation on Bonus Item changes (Bug 12681364)
  • Performance issues of the EOY Reconciliation Detail report, Payslip Archive Process , and Electronic lodgment of TFN Declaration (Bug 12713909, 12532831, 12377615)
  • Rounding issues on Flood Levy calculations on Lump Sum and ETP payments calculated on a yearly basis (Bug 12681846)

Oracle HRMS Release Update Pack 9 (RUP9) for 12.0 (R12.HR_PF.A.DELTA.9) 
Includes the following new and changed features:

  • New elements and changes to Payment Summary and EOY Reconciliation Detail Report to record and report foreign employment payments
  • Leave accrual changes to calculate foreign worker accruals and Termination Payment form changes to display foreign payment ratios
  • NSW Payroll Tax Rates statutory updates
  • Record and Process Paid Parental Leave
  • Changes to ETP Tax Calculations for Multiple ETP Payments
  • Enable Retro Overlap to ensure better performance of Enhanced Retro-pay process.

Critical Patch Updates (CPU)

  • CPU Patch 12406913 for Release 11.5.10 with 11I.ATG_PF.H RUP6
  • CPU Patch 12406914 for Release 11.5.10 with 11I.ATG_PF.H RUP7
  • CPU Patch 12406915 for Release 12.0.4 and above with R12.ATG_PF.A.Delta
  • CPU Patch 12406916 for Oracle Applications Release 12.1 



New PeopleSoft HCM Patch Information 

The following is a summary of the latest PeopleSoft HCM patches released since June 2011. 

GP Update 2011-D

  • Update Id 852876 For 8.9
    • Increase size of array ARCTL-ENTRY in copybook GPCUARPR
    • FBT benchmark interest rate changes effective 1ST APRIL, 2011
    • PSFT 1987348000-Amendment to electronic reporting specification - PAYG withholding
  • Update Id 852870 For 9.0
    • PSFT 2022144000-SQL Error when a single quote is contained in city field on home
    • Issue with decimal value in unpaid days for negative balance take
    • Increase size of array arctl-entry in copybook GPCUARPR
    • FBT benchmark interest rate changes effective 1st April, 2011
    • Absence balances forecasting incorrectly
    • YTD's not being printed in the payslip for all the elements processed
    • Payslip not showing correct pay period dates on period segmentation

 GP Update 2011-E


  •  To be released on 09/09/2011, See My Oracle Support for further details

HRMS 9.0 Bundle #17 (Update Id 852833) 

  • Multiple fixes to both setup and transactional components.

HRMS & CS 9.0 Maintenance Pack #12 (Update Id 869115) 

There are multiple critical patch updates released for PeopleTools and HRMS. A high level summary of the resolutions can be found on My Oracle Support or please email us at or contact the Presence of IT Support Desk directly on 1300 66 55 03. 



PeopleSoft ePayment Summary - Taking Self Service functionality to the next level 

Presence of IT has enhanced the delivery of year-end payment summaries and ETP certificates by enabling electronic self-service for employees. This enhancement drastically reduces end-user dependence on the payroll support team in any organisation. Post implementing the functionality: 

  • Employees can view and print payment summaries and ETP certificates online.
  • If the original copy of the payment summary or ETP certificate is misplaced, employees can access it via self-service and re-print at their convenience.
  • Prior year payment summaries generated using the functionality can be accessed by employees when required. 


This functionality will significantly reduce the cost and time to deliver payment summaries by empowering employees to use the delivered self-service functionality. 

Generating and distributing employee payment summaries is always a major year-end task for any payroll department.
Key benefits of this feature are: 
  • Cost reduction - significant cost reduction for organisations that traditionally use postal services or third party contractors to print and distribute payment summaries.
  • Delivery time frames - the payment summaries will be available to employees as soon as the end of year is complete thus reducing delivery time frames and improving customer experience.
  • Reduction in queries from employees during year end - call volumes and enquiries can decrease by as much as 70% with ePayment summaries.

For further information please email us at or contact the Presence of IT Support Desk directly on 1300 66 55 03. 


PeopleSoft HCM and Oracle E-Business Key Lifetime Support dates 

A few notes regarding Oracles lifetime support dates. If you have any questions about upgrades please email us at or contact the Presence of IT Support Desk directly on 1300 66 55 03.

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications Releases


GA Date             

Security Alerts,
and Upgrade Scripts

and Regulatory

Support Ends

Support Ends


Sep 2005

Sep 2010

Sep 2011

Sep 2013


HRMS 9.0

Dec 2006

Dec 2011

Dec 2012

Dec 2014


HRMS 9.1

Sep 2009

Sep 2014

Sep 2015

Sep 2017


Oracle E-Business Suite Releases



Support Ends

Support Ends

Support Ends


Nov 2004

Nov 2010*

Nov 2013



Jan 2007

Jan 2012**

Jan 2015



May 2009

May 2014**

May 2017


* Extended Support for Release 11.5.10 requires the minimum baseline patches defined in My Oracle Support Doc ID 883202.1.
** For more-detailed information on EBS 12 and 12.1 bug fixing and for Extended Support minimum baseline patch requirements please refer to the EBS Error Correction Support Policy My Oracle Support Doc ID 1195034.1. 


From the field: Paul Clarke speaks about the Flood Levy, Parental Leave and Foreign Employment Payment Summaries

As usual it was a scramble for most customers to implement the end-of-year patches. Patches for some older versions (e.g. 8.8) weren't released until hours before 30th June. This poses challenges for organisations with a long software development life-cycle (SDLC). At least one site chose to ignore the delivered solutions in favour of a more timely in-house approach.

This year there were some relatively major regulatory changes, including; introduction of the Flood Levy, Parental Leave and Foreign Employment Payment Summaries.

The delivered Flood Levy solution was relatively robust. Some sites experienced minor issues like the Flood Levy checkbox in the Tax Data component disappearing for new hires. But for most the key challenges were integrating the new GP configuration into their retro logic and GL interface.

Early in the year there was a lot of buzz around Parental Leave. However, it seems to have been adopted with very little fuss. From a systems perspective, most sites found payment of Parental Leave as simple as a new Earning applied by Positive Input. Some sites required changes to prevent conflicts between their leave of absence process and Parental Leave. Others choose to handle payments off-system.

Those sites that have Australian Residents working overseas have eagerly awaited the delivery of 'Foreign Employment' functionality. Unfortunately the solution delivered was not as easily adopted as might have been expected. A number of sites had to configure a large number of new earnings, due to the reliance on the new End-of-Year Categories. The demo configuration totally failed to consider basics such as employees on Foreign Employment taking absences.

In summary the old adage 'a stitch in time saves nine' holds true. If you keep your system patched and maintain the end-of-year data throughout the year, the end of the financial year can be relatively painless. 

PeopleSoft HCM: Future PeopleSoft releases - A summary overview of features and enhancements planned by Oracle. 

This article is a summary of Oracle's 'Oracle Statement of Direction - PeopleSoft Enterprise' document, in relation to PeopleSoft HCM, which is available in full on the 'My Oracle Support' website. 
Oracle continues to invest in PeopleSoft applications and to build new capabilities across the product suite. This document provides a statement of direction for the PeopleSoft Application Suite over the next five years, including both off-cycle deliverables and Feature Packs that are in addition to the current PeopleSoft release, as well as the next two major PeopleSoft 9.2 and PeopleSoft 9.3 releases. 
Release Strategy: 

Oracle plans to frequently deliver value-added capabilities without the need to upgrade while at the same time delivering major new releases. The release methods will be: 


  • Feature Packs
  • PeopleTools releases
  • New major application releases

Additional enhancements are planned to be delivered off-cycle onto the current PeopleSoft release as part of regular maintenance. Oracle plans to roll up all previously delivered off-cycle enhancements and maintenance annually into a Feature Pack.

Oracle also plans annual PeopleTools releases, as well as major releases for PeopleSoft applications every three years. This strategy has already been executed with the delivery of additional enhancements onto PeopleSoft 9.1 and the delivery of the first set of Feature Packs for PeopleSoft 9.1. 



 PeopleSoft Technology Roadmap  

The web has changed users' perception of application user interfaces. PeopleTools has changed the way users search for data, interact with data, view information, and take action on data with the power of the web-based interface. 


The forthcoming highlights for PeopleTools include:


  • Secure Enterprise Search
  • Context-Enabled Smart Navigation
  • Rich Data Visualisation
  • Business Process Centric Collaboration
  • PeopleSoft applications portal
  • Dashboards and Embedded Analytics
  • Mobile Support
  • Platform and Device

PeopleSoft Human Capital Management
PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 will continue to deliver improvement to the PeopleSoft HCM application based on the principles of simplicity, increased productivity and lowered total cost of ownership. A subset of these improvements will be added to the 9.1 Feature Pack:

  • Use the latest PS Talent Management while remaining on prior releases of core HR.
  • A new Company Directory enables a search for people across the organisation.
  • Employee customised, personalised, and complete view of their total compensation and benefits.
  • Improve Employee and Manager Self-Service.
  • Improved Talent Summary will enable managers to more effectively manage and interact with individuals.
  • WorkCenters - streamline and simplifying employees work in a central place.
  • Define event templates to support complete end to end HR/Benefits business processes.
  • Mid-period evaluations - better support performance management.

For further information please email us at or contact the Presence of IT Support Desk directly on 1300 66 55 03. 





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