September 2010 Edition





September 2010:  Presence of IT Support Newsletter 


 News & Events

November 7-9 - HEUG Alliance Down Under Conference

Held in Brisbane, the program will cater for the interests of all aspects of the use of PeopleSoft and Oracle SUN technologies in the Higher Education industry.


Paid Parental Leave in Australia baby.jpg 





While the Australian Paid Parental Leave scheme comes into effect from 1 Jan 2011, employers are not required to make payments until 1 July 2011. Presence of IT has however pro actively developed the approach and configuration standards to update your Oracle, Kronos and SAP systems.

For more Information click on the link below.

Paid Parental Leave





 Presence of IT Sponsor Taronga Zoo






We are pleased to announce that in mid 2010 Presence of IT is undertaking a sponsorship of Taronga Zoo for the next two years. This has been done to acknowledge and support the Zoo’s contribution to our community, and our ongoing commitment to their endeavors.

For more information click on the link below.

Presence of IT Sponsor Taronga Zoo











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Welcome to the Presence of IT support newsletter.  This newsletter is a way for Presence of IT to keep our support clients networked with their peers and with our support staff and aims to keep our support clients up to date with the latest support news and processes, as well as information about upcoming system patches and legislative fixes.

If there is anything you would like to see included or items that you would like us to address, please email


In this issue
  • How to raise a Presence of IT support request / issue
  • Patch and release information
  • Solution Spotlight – Oracle E-Business EOY Lessons Learnt
  • Information on Paid Parental Leave in Australia
  • Presence of IT Sponsor Taronga Zoo
  • Support Team Spotlight – Ciaran Brennan 


How to Raise a Support Request / Issue

Just a short reminder about the process of raising a support request / issue with Presence of IT. 

  1. Please complete the Service Request Form (spreadsheet) already provided with as much information as possible.  This includes things such as screenshots, responsibility used, actions preceding the error, any recent system changes and other relevant information.  Email it (along with any supporting documentation) to
  2. Additionally, for all Priority 1 issues, call the Presence of IT Oracle Support Centre on 1300 66 55 03 so that the impact the issue is having on your business can be discussed.
  3. When a support consultant has been assigned to the service request, kindly direct any future correspondence to the assigned consultant.


For the escalation of any issues, please contact the Presence of IT Support Lead - Michael Verzak on 0423 883 467 or  


Patch and Release Information

Oracle E-Business HRMS

Oracle E-Business Suite HCM Release 12.1.3 and Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Release 12.1.3 are currently available on My Oracle Support as Patch:9114911 and Patch:8919491 respectively. These patch sets can be applied on top of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.2 or 12.1.1.

Key enhancements:

  • Improvement to Retro pay
  • Dashboards for OTL
  • Improvements in Talent and Performance
  • Refer to release notes for all additional enhancements

Please refer to the following documents for additional information:

  • Instructions for downloading and applying these patch sets can be found in Note:1081427.1, Oracle Human Resource Management Systems Release 12.1.3 Readme, and Note:1066312.1, Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Readme for Release 12.1.3. 
  • Information about the new products and features included in this release can be found in Note:561580.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Release Content Documents. 
  • Documentation, Transfer of Information (TOI) online training, and additional information can be found in Note:806593.1 Release 12.1 Information Center. 
PeopleSoft  HCM

HCM 9 Maintenance Pack 10 - Delta 1 and 2 were released on 9th of August 2010 and are now available for download from the Oracle E-Delivery website. The Update Id’s are 841699 - HCM 9 Maintenance Pack 10 Delta (Part 1 of 2) and 843847 -  HCM 9 Maintenance Pack 10 - Delta (Part 2 of 2) respectively.

Key enhancements:

  • Improvements with Off-Cycle processing
  • Improvements to Absence Forecasting
  • Payment Prep changes
  • Self Service and Approvals
  • Various processing enhancements – eg. retro on retro
  • Segmentation triggers, formula validation, increase in arrays
Solution Spotlight – Oracle E-Business Financial End of Year Lessons Learnt



A few lessons learnt across various client sites to keep in mind for future end of year processes:

  1. Whilst Oracle provides validation reports for payment summaries, these reports do not validate all data (such as that employee addresses contain a country).  The ECI software for uploading to the ATO provides an additional level of checks.  Therefore, it is strongly recommend that as part of the testing process, you generate and retrieve a test file and upload to the ATO just to avoid any last minute rejections which could have been fixed at an earlier stage instead of finding this out when uploading the real file.
  2. Some employee records generated a warning message due to lack of a country.  Address is not validated as a mandatory field, so it won’t error if not entered, but it is an Australian ATO requirement that it be present.
  3. Testing of patches is very important, especially when these affect payroll processing, tax amounts etc.  The financial year end patches are the largest HR/Payroll patches each year, and it is very important that they are tested thoroughly.  Testing means:


a.    Check all processes which are carried out as part of your normal procedures – both HR and payroll

b.    Check all reports/processes which are used, standard and custom in Oracle, Discoverer and other linked reporting systems

c.    Alert support immediately if anything odd is found – if you can’t generate a report, if something looks new, if something works or looks differently from how it used to


Presence of IT Contact Details:

Level 1, 180 Queen Street,
Brisbane, QLD 4000

Level 3, 157 Walker Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060

Level 1, 493 St. Kilda Road
Melbourne, VIC 3004

45 Ventnor Avenue
West Perth, WA 6005

Ph: +61 1300 66 55 03



Support Team Spotlight:

Ciaran Brennan


My very first job was …  Graduate Trainee at Norwich Union, mainframe programming.

My earliest memory is … probably something to do with cows on a farm.

At school I … never thought I would become an IT Consultant.

I’m very bad at … Farming.

My favourite gadget is …my wizzy new mountain bike.

My most treasured possession is …my Scooter.

It’s not fashionable, but I love …History.

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be … a professional Rugby player.

At the moment I’m reading …Chinese history.

Something about you that most people don’t know about... I’m an Australian now.