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March 2011 Presence of IT Support Newsletter

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New Service Desk application now fully rolled out to clients.           


Presence of IT is pleased to report that our new Livetime Service Desk application has now been fully rolled out to all of our Support clients. We hope that you enjoy the benefits that this new application provides.

New company branding on our POIT website.


We are very pleased to advise you all of an exciting new branding initiative for Presence of IT launched on Monday February 28th.

Presence of IT has always worked with the best people in the industry and built its business on reputation and referrals. As we have expanded our business we have identified a need to more clearly represent our services, and while doing this we took the opportunity to refresh our Logo.

We hope you are all excited by this campaign as we celebrate who we are and the value that we place on each and every member of the Presence of IT team.

Thank you for your continued support.

To view our newly branded website please visit

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The Presence of IT website contains useful information, news, industry event notifications and insight white papers written by our staff.

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F: +61 2 9955 2241

Level 1, 493 St. Kilda Road
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F: +61 8 9389 4400

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Welcome to the Presence of IT support newsletter. This newsletter is a way for Presence of IT to keep our support clients networked with their peers and with our support staff and aims to keep our support clients up to date with the latest support news and processes, as well as information about upcoming system patches and legislative fixes.

If there is anything you would like to see included or items that you would like us to address, please email .

In this issue

Government Announcements – Temporary Reconstruction Flood Levy

Subject to the passage of law, the Government will implement a temporary flood levy for the 2011-12 financial year applicable to an individual's taxable income, to assist with the costs of rebuilding infrastructure following in flood affected areas.
The levy will recognise capacity to pay, and as such, is designed as follows:

  • Low income earners (income of $50,000 or less) and those persons who have received an Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment in relation to a flood event in 2010-11 are exempt.
  • Individuals earning between $50,000 and $100,000 will pay a levy of 0.5 per cent of taxable income in excess of $50,000.
  • Individuals earning over $100,000 will pay a levy of 0.5 per cent of taxable income between $50,000 and $100,000 and a levy of 1 per cent of taxable income in excess of $100,000.

For the majority of taxpayers, the levy will be taken into account in calculating Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding or reflected in their PAYG instalments rate during the year. Individuals who are affected by a flood event in 2010-11 may apply for exemption and submit a variation to their Employer. Alternatively, the ATO will reconcile taxpayers' tax liabilities, considering the exemption, at the end of the 2012 financial year.

For more info and a levy estimator click here

Editor's Note - the ATO is intending to run workshops mid March to discuss the two Bills pertaining to the Flood Levy and how these may be administered. For further details click here.

PeopleSoft Test Framework Tool - Available with PT8.51

There is a new tool that has been released with PeopleTools 8.51 called the PeopleSoft Test Framework. It is an automated testing tool for online transactions in PeopleSoft. It works like a record and playback testing tool and can help with regression testing and debugging. For a free demonstration on how the tool works check out this video:

If you would like to know more about the PeopleSoft Test Framework Tool or understand how this solution can work in your organisation, please contact us on Ph: +61 1300 66 55 03 or email

Update your employee records now

As the recent natural disasters have shown, it is imperative that businesses have the most up-to-date and accurate employee records as they possibly can. Now is a good time to send out companywide memos asking for employees to give you their current home and mailing addresses, next of kin details and contact phone numbers.

New Oracle E-Business HRMS patch and release information

The following patches:

  • 10375693 - Australia Cumulative Release 11i.AU.13
  • 10375697:R12.PER.A - Australia Cumulative Release R12.AU.13
  • 10375697:R12.PER.B - Australia Cumulative Release R121.AU.13

have been released.

The above patches are recommended for all Australia customers using Australia Payroll and contains legislative updates effective from 1st January 2010.

The patches contain:

  • A1. Paid Parental Leave Effective From 01-Jan-11
  • A2. ETP Taxation Changes When There Are Multiple ETP Elements
  • A3. Foreign Worker Payment Summary - Updates

and numerous bug fixes.

The following are the scheduled release dates for Oracle HRMS for Australia patches for R11i, R12 and R12.1 up to the end of the financial year June 2011.

Three main patches will be delivered through to June 2011. The dates and features currently scheduled are subject to change.

AU.14 - Targeted release date: first week in March 2011

  • Addition of Foreign Worker support for Postscript Payment Summary
  • Recalculation event for Statutory Paid Parental Leave Payment seeded element for Enhanced RetroPay is seeded
  • Customer bugs
  • (NOTE: This patch is not mandatory for EOY processing for 2010/2011 year)

AU.15 - Targeted release date: end of May 2011

  • This patch will include all known statutory changes up to the release date, effective 1 July 2011.

AU.16 - Targeted release date: end of June 2011

  • This patch will include all known statutory changes, effective 1 July 2011

End of year processing pre-requisites.
Customers must be on a minimum of the following to be supported for the 2010/2011 end of year processing in EBS:

  • 11i – 11.HR_PF.K RUP 5 and AU.13
  • R12 – and AU.13
  • R12.1 – R12.HR_PF.B.Delta.3 and AU.13

New PeopleSoft HCM patch information

The following is a summary of MP11 which was released since our last newsletter in December.
Bundle HRMS & Campus Solutions 9.0 Maintenance Pack #11, released on 06/01/2011, update id: 859234 contains the following changes:

  • Statutory Payroll Tax changes, effective 1 January 2011
  • Payment Summary modifications inclusive of RESC and Ex Foreign Income
  • Absence Self Service performance and error message handling
  • Payslip YTD and delivered Report modifications
  • Off Cycle processing improvements
  • Security modifications prevention of owner data updates
  • Position Management and Workforce Administration

End of year Financial year checklist

End of Financial Year is just around the corner and soon, if not already, you will need to start creating and reconciling your PAYG Payment Summaries.
Things to consider are :

  • Ensuring all of your personal data, i.e. employees details and addresses are in the correct format.
  • Be up to date with any End of Year patches released.
  • Ensure all of your End of Year categories are correct.
  • Collect and upload FBT Data.
  • Reconcile all Reportable Super and ensure it is displaying correctly on the Payment Summary.
  • Create and review your Payment Summaries.
  • Check and reconcile all Eligible Termination Payments.
  • Check and reconcile all Lump Sum E Payments.
  • Run Exception and Reconciliation Reports.
  • Create an Electronic File for the ATO.
  • Run a Test ATO File and validate it using ATO Software.

Presence of IT are considering, based on sufficient interest, presenting a webinar based session to help our clients prepare for end of financial year. If you would like to be included please email to indicate your interest.

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