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AHRI (Australian Human Resources Institute) 
Discuss the changing HR Technology landscape. Challenge the mindset of traditional HR management

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The 2012 Oracle HCM User Group (OHUG) Conference is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from June 18th – June 22nd 2012. For the past several years, Oracle Strategy and Support have had the privilege of giving valuable presentations and workshops at the OHUG. 

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Presence of IT, have created a PeopleSoft End of Year Reconciliation Tool that will remove most, if not all of the hard work involved in reconciliation:

  • An interactive tool that will drill down to the employee / calendar id for variances
  • Mouse over the variance to show potential cause – embedded Help
  • Display missing EOY categories for elements
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Presence of IT is pleased to release a case study on the use of Agile methodologies to deliver a standardised EB agreement. 

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A draft copy of the readme for the June 2nd AU.18 patch available via the following note Upcoming Australian Payroll Legislative Changes for / from July 2012 Doc ID 1426223.1 .

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End of Year Processing – Australia R11i & R12, An Oracle White Paper. This document outlines the setup and processing requirements for Oracle E-Business HRMS for end of year processing in Australia for the 2011/2012 financial year. Refer to Doc ID 1460042.1.

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Welcome to the Presence of IT support newsletter. This newsletter is a way for Presence of IT to keep our support clients networked with their peers and our support staff. Our aim is to keep our support clients up to date with the latest support news and processes, as well as information about upcoming system patches and legislative fixes. 

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In this edition we look at:


PeopleSoft Bundles and Release Information

HRMS 9.0 Bundle #19

  • CS-HCM Integration: Deliver subscription handlers for SCC_PERSON_SYNC
  • Modification made to correct the Search/Match issue
  • Change performed to Mass Update functionality to select job earnings program and earnings code

HRMS 9.1 Bundle #9

  • Fixed issue on Company Directory When System Data is missing
  • Modification done to prevent the Data Conflict Error while rehiring an employee with a contract number
  • Resolves issue with related displays for job title (and department descr, location descr) in the Company Directory's search results

Global Payroll 9.0 Update 2012-B

  • Modifications to ensure Send Cost to GL AUS runs to success
  • Software changes to handle correct calculation of Flood Levy amount in case of multiple employee records
  • New Rates added to the bracket AUS BR CHILD PROT, effective 01/01/2012

Global Payroll 9.1 Update 2012-B

  • Pension/Annuity Payees translate values added to the database.
  • Fixed issue on consecutive absence events

For further information, refer to My Oracle Support or contact the Presence of IT Support Centre. 


Oracle E-Business HRMS Patch And Release Information 

Patch Number - 12877497 
Pre Requisite Patches

  • 8919491 - Release 12.1.3 R12.ATG_PF.B.delta.3
  • 9114911 - Oracle Human Resource Management System 12.1.3 Product Family Release Update Pack
  • 9239089 - Release 12.1.3 R12.AD.B.DELTA.3
Applies To
  • Oracle HRMS (Australia) - Release 12.1.1 and above
  • HGLOBAL.DRV fails on PYJPGLBT.LDT with ORA-20001: Name Already Used
  • Tracking - Australia Cumulative Release R12.AU.13
  • Performance issue - EOY Reconciliation Detail Report in R12.1
  • Post fix for 12433570 There’s extra line in leave taken of SOE with payment = 0
  • Archival, EOY & E-File issues post R12 PATCH 12698821
  • Proportioning of flood levy on termination payments
  • LWOP with retro and less than 12 months
  • Spread tax appears to be incorrect
  • Union fees appear as balance initialisation 4 on payment summaries
  • Lump Sum E shows as negative PS gross on the EOY RPTS when loaded via BBA
  • Rounding issue around salaries to be paid, costed and bank file
  • HECS not calculating for 1st pay period
  • Pay period 2 with retro tax error when zero in PP1
  • Payment summary validation report has different figure between PDF and XLS
  • Australia cumulative release R12.AU.08
  • Australia cumulative release R12.AU.09
  • Australia cumulative release R12.AU.10
Why HRMS 9.1 Feature Pack 2? 

Feature Pack 2 has a lot to offer customers on PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 and PeopleTools 8.5x. Some of the best features / functions in Feature Pack 2 require PeopleTools 8.52. These are the Manager and Talent Summary dashboards, Actionable Org Chart, Instant Messaging, PeopleSoft Search and Embedded Help. You may be left wondering which of these new features will give you quick wins. The following is a list of our top three picks and a brief explanation of why: 

1. Forms and Approval Builder
This easy, wizard builder driven feature allows organisations to create an online form in PeopleSoft, which may include approvals (selected from your existing Approval Framework) and minimises the need for technical assistance. The business benefit here is in significantly reducing a number of paper forms with a searchable record.
2. Manager and Talent Summary dashboards
The new dashboards effectively produce a portal style user interface within HCM. The pagelets available in the Manager Dashboard include Alerts, approvals for all Approval Workflow Engine transactions in the same place, Direct Line Reports information, Learning information (from ELM) and Quick Links so your managers can go straight to common transactions without navigating through the traditional menu path. Managers can also search across the entire organisation or view their own area of the org chart.


The Talent Summary Dashboard is a one-stop group of pagelets focussed on the talent related information for an employee. These dashboards are on one page, modern looking, and intuitive tools for your managers to access relevant HCM data.

3.  Actionable Org Chart

Feature Pack 2 expands upon previous functionality by allowing users to view not only direct and indirect reports, but matrix reporting (dotted lines, special project teams) as well. Users can now access self-service transactions from within the org chart as well. 

The Total Rewards Statement deserves a special mention as the concept holds a lot of merit; however this first version is only geared for North American Payroll, Benefits and Stock Administration. Expansion to the full HCM suite (i.e. Global Payroll and hopefully Salary Packaging) has been flagged by Oracle. Presence of IT will be monitoring developments of this feature / function.

If you’d like to learn more, log on to My Oracle Support and review the PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 [ID1383442.1] note.

2011 - 2012 Tax Year Legislative Changes  

This year there are several legislative changes being released this month by Oracle. The legislative changes will be discussed below in point form. Oracle has posted Proof of Concept fixes for the changes discussed on My Oracle Support. For more information from the Australian Taxation Office please look at the http://softwaredevelopers.ato.gov.au webpage.

1.  FBT Benchmark interest rate changes effective 1st April 2012
The benchmark interest rate for the fringe benefits tax (FBT) year commencing on the 1st April 2011 is 7.40 per cent per annum. This rate replaces the rate of 7.8 per cent per annum for the previous FBT year.
2.  Back Payments/Bonuses/Commissions
The schedule NAT 3348 has been revised to simplify the tax calculation. This table is used to calculate tax, if the employer is making salary or wage payments that include
  • Back payment (including lump sum payments in arrears)
  • Commissions
  • A bonus or similar payment
3.  Flood Levy withdrawal
The temporary Flood and Cyclone Reconstruction Levy (flood levy) introduced in 2011 will no longer be applicable effective 1st of July 2012.
4.   End of Transitional Employment Termination Payments
The 2011/2012 financial year is the last year in which transitional employment termination payments can be made. The change will have impact on taxation of employee's employment termination payments and reporting of those in the Payment Summaries.
5.   Tax Rate changes
The following legislative rate changes have passed parliament.
  • Tax Rates and Thresholds
  • HELP / SFSS Rates and Thresholds
  • Employment Termination Payment Changes
  • State Payroll Taxes
  • Medicare Levy Surcharge, a tier based levy has been introduced
  • Changes to Leave Loading
  • Electronic Payment Summary - Annual Report
6.   LAFHA Reform, effective from 1st July 2012
Oracle has informed Customers to handle this at their end in case they have those categorised allowances.

Should you require any further information or assistance with EOY legislative patching, please contact the Presence of IT Support Centre directly on 1800 MYPOIT (1800 697 648) or via email to oracle_support@presenceofit.com.au

Prior to R12.1.3, all absence types created using Oracle HRMS were displayed to users in Self-Service HR. 

With R12.1.3, a package called HR_ABSENCE_RESTRICTED can be used to restrict the absence types that are displayed to users based on the business requirements. This feature ensures that employees enter only those absences for which they are eligible, and managers do not have to verify the validity of the absence type of employee requests. 

Technically, the above procedure is called from the AbsenceTypeVOImpl java file with the proper input parameters and the return value is appended to the AbsenceTypeVO. 
A practical implementation example is as follows: 

1. Create a segment called (example) Display in Self-Service in the DFF - Add'l Absence Type Details. This segment appears on the Absence Types definition form. 
2. Write suitable code HR_ABSENCE_RESTRICTED.ABSENCES_RESTRICTED function to return a concatenated list of absence_type_id that should NOT be displayed on self-service. In our case, the code could reference the DFF segment created in step 1 above. Restrictions could also be written, for example, based on gender or absence types based on organisation. 

3. Since this restriction is based on VO implementation, changes are immediately visible in SSHR without the need for bouncing webserver or clearing cache. 

Higher Education Express Instance Separation (HEXIS)

The split of Human Capital Management (HCM) and Campus Solution (CS) has the potential to deliver greater flexibility and benefits to HR. The separation approaches available are proven, but require planning to achieve maximum value. Presence of IT’s Higher Education Express Instance Separation (HEXIS) leverages an accelerated and simplified Oracle integration framework. 

The HEXIS solution was developed via collaboration between Presence of IT and Oracle. It leverages Oracle's integration framework and our innovation to create a tailored solution for each University with flexibility to support unique business process requirements. 

HEXIS includes the project plan, tools, templates, reports, step-to-step configuration guide and best practice methods that are essential for a successful instance separation and integration of mission critical CS and HCM systems. 

HEXIS is the strategic HCM upgrade roadmap for Universities. Prerequisites of HEXIS are:

  • For customers on HRMS 9.1, HRMS 9.1 Bundle #3
  • For customers on HRMS 9.0, HRMS 9.1 Bundle #14 followed by CS Bundle #19

Not patched? Too challenging? Want more information about HEXIS? Then please contact the Presence of IT Support Centre directly on 1800 MYPOIT (1800 697 648) or email us at oracle_support@presenceofit.com.au. 


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