HR Maturity Indexing




Think of your HR Maturity Index as a cholesterol test ~ it’s something you should have checked periodically to ensure that your HR Department health is not in jeopardy and the recipients of your services are receiving the benefits you planned for. Knowing your HRMI gives you the insight to understand how HR value is created in your organisation and more importantly how to prevent destructive HR practices from occurring.

Your HRMI is critical to understanding your current “limits of HR operation capability” and what needs to be done in your organisation to allow your HR departments to operate at a higher or more strategic level.


Next Steps

To discuss how we can help you determine your HR Maturity Index and help you position HR services that will be value adding, download the attachment for further insights on:

  • Indicators that you need an HRMI evaluation
  • What you can expect from out HRMI services
  • An Explanation of the Maturity Levels

and then contact us for a discussion on how we can build you a roadmap for improved HR services and delivery.