Gamification of HR



“Gamification” is the application of all the successes of game mechanics/ psychology to non-gaming scenarios such as business processes and programmes. Games have always had a place in our society in the motivation and education of humanity. Modern day technology has allowed games to apply specialised mechanics that continue to encourage and captivate audiences, and it is these mechanics (rather than the game), that can be harnessed with equal success in HR solutions.

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Presence of IT blends consulting experience with process optimisation and technology to offer a cutting edge “gamified” solution to strategically and tactically drive, motivate and engage in the following areas of your business:

  • Recruitment
  • On-boarding
  • Learning and Education
  • Performance/Goal Management
  • Talent & Retention
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Workforce Management

Our palette of services is defined by strategic thinking to ensure that the right business objectives are addressed by the gamified solution:

Building a Gamification Strategy

The key to any gamification solution is a clear strategy that articulates the business drivers and measurable objectives. Presence of IT has experienced consultants that will assist your business in positioning gamification within the greater business context. Through a sound business case we can assist you in addressing return on Investment and solid business impacts.

Game Readiness & Process Analysis

Having decided to apply a gamification strategy, many great initiatives with good intentions fail due to the lack of upfront analysis of business maturity in relation to a gamified approach.
Presence of IT will work with your business to fully understand your current business state and analyse, assess and report on:

  • the business maturity/readiness for gamification
  • the “As-Is” and “To-Be” potential of business processes and technology
  • a gap analysis

Design & Development of a Gamified Solution

Presence of IT will work in collaboration with your organisation to design and develop a gamified solution that addresses specific and measurable business objectives. Our approach brings together people, process and technology and our experience has allowed us to develop a network of design thinkers in order to leverage “outside-of-the-box” innovation in game mechanics.


Implementation of a Gamified Solution

Presence of IT has extensive experience in full scale process and technology implementations with our key clients. We also understand the impact of such implementations on other aspects of the business and will ensure your business is supported in the following areas:

  • Process documentation
  • Change, stakeholder and culture Management
  • Learning & development
  • Project management

Support & Evaluation

To ensure return on investment and achievement of measurable business outcomes, Presence of IT offers post-implementation support from our consultants as well as ROI reporting. With a new-age solution such as gamification, the demonstration of ROI to stakeholders becomes even more important beyond the go-live date and POIT is able to:

  • Provide dedicated virtual/face-to-face support
  • Define a data collection plan for measurable outcomes
  • Measure business outcomes
  • Calculate and report on gamification return on investment

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