Change & Training for Workforce Management




Presence of IT has built a number of highly focused Change Management and Training solutions to support Workforce Management (WFM) Projects.  A Workforce Management Implementation typically impacts employees at multiple levels of an organisaiton, but in particular the operational staff. These impacts can be the result of changes made to policies, procedures, processes, functions, organisational structures and organisational culture to ensure the WFM solution is fully leveraged and business objectives achieved. 


It is common knowledge that the ‘People Factor’ is a key driver in achieving technology project objectives. Many WFM projects fail to meet all of their objectives owing to inadequate attention to people-related issues. Without a dedicated change, communications and training focus, the process of helping staff realise, adapt, accept and transition to a new Workforce Management environment has a high likelihood of failing.


Change Management Toolkit: 


Our Change management Toolkit is specifically geared to support WFM projects using solutions such as Kronos, KABA and Click Software. It saves you time and money! We know that projects often struggle to convince their sponsors to fund change management capability, but at the same time realise the risk of not having proper change support. To this end Presence of IT – Human Capital Services has built a WFM specific change management toolkit that significantly reduces effort and cost and but ensures the critical change activities are carried out. Click the Graphic to download our Change Management Toolkit Brochure.


  Training Services and Tools:


Most projects fail because of insufficient focus on the people impacted by the project. Training and documentation provide a logical link between the WFM project and the end user, representing the business objectives from a people, process and technology perspective.

We provide a number of specialist documentation design and development services as well as training strategy services to complement your WFM training initiatives. We aim to develop training material in appropriate media to suit the business culture, project requirements and available funding. Our services include end-user guides, Trainer Guides Work Instructions, elearning and job aids.

Click the adjacent graphic to download our Training Services  Brochure.


Take a look at an example of one of our services - 'Simulations for Kronos'. We offer a number of off-the-shelf simulations as well as custom built outputs. Simulations can be linked directly to your Kronos application for easy access.