Change Management



Effective change management guides and supports stakeholders through the change journey toward commitment of the new ways of working. Understanding how individuals deal with change, and knowing how to influence their views and behaviours to a level of commitment is critical in achieving the objectives of your project. 

Presence of IT has significant change management expertise that will ensure your leadership, project team, managers and end users are assisted through the change journey without feeling threatened. Our skills, insights and methods ensure that those involved:

  • work for, rather than against change
  • are comfortable to demonstrate their personal change commitment in from of their peers
  • proactively contribute to sustaining the business benefits of change, and
  • champion the future changes.

Change Management is not a generic activity, but depends on the type of project you are implementing and what outcomes you desire. In some cases your change intervention will be Tactical ~ requiring simple change interventions, whilst other change will be more Transformational and require more complex change interventions. Some guidelines would include:

Next Steps

If you need to ensure you achieve your project goals and objectives, and want to know how effective change management can help this to happen, contact us for a discussion.